Education Project


We envision an education system that moves beyond the colonial relic currently in place.  Our long-term goal is to improve the quality and accessibility of education in Chimanimani District and to promote teaching as a sustainable livelihood in order to secure sustainability and improved quality of life throughout these communities.  In better quality schools, low comprehension and pass rates due to instruction in a non-native language despite low fluency, a focus on rote learning, and a curriculum ill-tailored to their lives, will be replaced with pedagogy, curriculum, and ethos which cultivate ecologically-aware global citizens, leaders of tomorrow capable and motivated to make positive changes in their own communities and elsewhere. More accessible schools will level the playing field, enabling those currently shut out due mandatory fees with a premium for quality and insufficient food for school lunches, to attend.  Teaching as a sustainable livelihood will transform the currently underpaid, trained, and motivated profession into a respectable and rewarding one.

This project aims to instigate the process of creating this education system, as there is clearly a long way to go.  Our approach is to embed education for sustainable development and permaculture into schools. We will begin by running permaculture courses to empower headmasters and a few teachers of each selected school.  These participants will become the facilitators of projects to improve their schools.  We will support the implementation of these designs, focusing on curriculum, pedagogy, and land use, by providing materials and running follow-up workshops.  We will also set up exchange visits, competitions between schools, teacher networks to share best practice, and involve the ministry of education as well as the families of students.

We are currently seeking funding for this project and will begin implementation as soon as possible. If you are interested in contributing to this project please contact us.