A Community-Driven and Participatory Approach 

Community members, instead of just beneficiaries, are our co-creators, involved in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation stages of all projects.  This participatory and community-driven meta-approach will be mirrored in our methods for capacity building, where our role will be to facilitate knowledge sharing and skills exchange which builds on traditional knowledge and the good work already being done.  This method empowers community members and lays the foundation for further farmer-to-farmer horizontal transfer.  This level of involvement of community members also ensures that PORET remains a reflexive learning organization, which is responsive to community needs and feeds outcomes of monitoring and evaluation back into project planning. 

All community members will be invited to participate, but given the reality of limited resources, we will prioritize those most in need to directly receive project benefits to avoid the creation of unnecessary inequalities. We will also use successful project sites to create interest among currently disengaged community members as well as communities further afield, as we seek to extend the positive impacts of our projects beyond our geographical boundaries.